Carol’s story

“I first found PCC through my daughter who was fed up with my being in pain, loafing around and “being a martyr to pain”. She would also witness me holding back when in pain, for example having to take ten minutes after any exertion for my back to come out of spasm.

I had put off going to see a specialist as I did not feel comfortable with it, but she assured me that at Putney Chiropractic Centre that I was welcome to just wear my own clothes and all I had to take off were my shoes!

When I first came to PCC I visited twice a week back to back, flying down from Cheshire near Manchester and combined my visits with catching up with my daughter and her family. I found relief from my discomfort within the first two visits – something had changed that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, and I was able to flex myself a bit more. I had been worried that I was becoming round shouldered as time went on.

I walk from my daughter’s house to the practice, and over six weeks the time got faster and faster and my family timed me! The first time it took well over half an hour, but after a few treatments I managed the distance in 13 minutes, which was a huge cause for celebration.

There were other things that I noticed that could do, such as turning over in bed, which had become increasingly difficult. Some time previously I had had both knees replaced, and on my fourth visit to PCC was the first time I had been able to turn over resting on my knees. I am also much more active with my beautiful grandchildren and back walking my dogs which I had missed terribly.

I recently could not visit the practice for a couple of months and felt that it was time to come along again as I was feeling quite stiff. I injured my back very seriously 18 years ago, causing serious damage to 3 vertebrae. I did not have any rehabilitation or physio care after this, and always just accepted that pain was the way it would be. Craig has found some alignment problems with my hip, which have developed as compensation over the years. I think that perhaps having Chiropractic treatment much earlier would have helped enourmously.

When I first came along to PCC I was the classic sceptical mother-in-law and would not have come if my daughter-in-law had not persuaded me to do so. I have had an amazing experience at the practice and I really get an awful lot from it, I feel great, more in control and can move easily again!

Craig sees three generations of my family in Putney. He also gave us the name and address of another Chiropractor nearer to home for my husband to go and see, who also felt relief after just one treatment, having blamed his bed (and the new bed!) for his discomfort. ”

Carole Betteley