BUPA recognised London Chiropractors

All our chiropractors at Putney Chiropractic Centre, London, are BUPA registered providers. Any BUPA member will be able to receive a head start on their chiropractic care by having the first six sessions covered by their private health insurance policy. Please follow the steps below to ensure you comply with BUPA requirements:

1. Call BUPA and get a pre-authorisation for care (members number is 08456 090777). The following BUPA provider numbers may be of assistance in pre-authorisation: Craig McLean 30020809, Luke Brady 30005085, Edwina Waddell 30033575, Michael Bloom 30010161
2. Make a GP appointment and get a referral to us.
3. Call us on 02087856144, mention you are a BUPA member and we will find a time for your initial consultation.
4. Sit back and relax as your health/spinal concerns are appropriately dealt with and a bespoke care plan is recommended to help you resolve the problem.

BUPA Terms and Conditions

Please note that this is only applicable to BUPA clients with UK membership.BUPA are currently changing their billing procedures. We will now be billing them directly on your behalf for up to 6 sessions. Please be advised that you will not be able to claim anything back from BUPA yourself.

To ensure that we can arrange this for you we require some further information. We also require you to be aware of the following terms of this arrangement:

-We will claim payment for 6 sessions of your care directly from BUPA. You are required to pay Putney Chiropractic any shortfalls between the 6 and your coverage.
-After 6 sessions your care will continue at your own expense.
-You will be required to pay any excesses upfront, directly to Putney Chiropractic.
-In the event anything is not covered by your insurance, you will be financially liable to meet the out of pocket expense.
-You will be required to monitor the terms of your arrangement and pass on any information to Putney Chiropractic as requested.
-BUPA will not cover you for any for any out of pocket expenses, such as x-rays and missed appointment fees. You will be required to pay for these directly.
-Any prepaid credits you have previously made to Putney Chiropractic will remain valid on your account for use when your insurance coverage expires.
-By undertaking care with Putney Chiropractic, you agree to abide by these terms.

We also remind everyone that while your insurance may cover some of the cost of your care, the terms dictated by your insurer are in no way a replacement for the recommendation of treatment from your spinal specialist.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and apologize for any unforeseen inconvenience that may be caused during this transitional period.