Bound for Beijing

Training training training
Tim has been training hard for many years and recently he has enjoyed the most successful period in his career. (Even though he had a great start to his career with a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics). In 2007  he won the K1 1000m world championship and he is looking the good for Beijing 2008.

It was in 2006 that he began treatment at Putney Chiropractic after years of punishing his body with the most unbelievable training program that would make even the most active amongst us cringe. You don’t want to know how much he bench presses. We have helped him manage years of postural challenges from being hunched over the paddles – this has maintained optimal flexibility and reach which helps in the search for maximum powerful and improved recovery.

Good luck Tim!
Currently in training for the Beijing Olympics 2008, we are proud to include him among our clients. For more pictures and regular updates on his progress, check out his website.