Book Review: Well adjusted Babies

Well Adjusted Babies
Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani

Well Adjusted Babies is the must-have resource for every young family. Written by an Australian chiropractor and world-renowned expert on holistic family healthcare, this book covers everything from pre-conceptive health tips through to birthing options, breastfeeding advice, family nutrition and tips for strong immunity. As a mother of 4 vibrant, healthy boys, Dr Jen is well placed to write about many concerns parents have when raising children, so that they flourish and develop into healthy teenagers and adults with strong, healthy values.

The book begins with Dr Jen’s, and her husband Simon’s, personal account of their five incredibly different births and takes you through a journey as they share lessons they have learned along the way. There is a wonderful chapter on the vital role of chiropractic for children and family healthcare, as well as many pearls of wisdom on many of the issues parents face in regards to the health of their family and the choices available.

This review was provided by Dr Bec Gilbert.