Book Review: DIY Health

We have been reviewing books monthly at the practice for some time and we’re finally putting our reviews up on the site. We sell all the books we review in the practice and only stock books that we think are truly inspiring. Feel free to have a look through our little library next time you are in.

Book Review November 2011 : DIY Health Guide
By Maria Jevtic BSc (Hons)

‘Your body works like a bank account. Just as with money, you can pay in and you can take out. The way to stay in credit is to pay in more than you take out.’

These are the opening words of this wonderful health guide by Maria Jevtic; a fully qualified homeopath and nutritionist. Using the analogy of a bank account, she describes how paying daily health ‘credits’ to your body bank account and avoiding ‘debts’ as much as possible, you can maximise your health.

Rather than trying to ‘cure’ a specific condition, Maria advocates focusing on your health holistically, allowing your body’s immune system and natural constitution to resolve any sub-optimal health issues.

This simple approach is laid out in chapters focusing on nine areas of your health and environment that are important for allowing your body to function optimally. I enjoyed the book’s simplicity,  especially the common sense approach to health.  Also the author’s narrative style makes this an easy and interesting book to read, not ‘dry’ at all.

By following this advice you will be well on the way to true health. Enjoy!!

This review is by Dr Edwina Waddell