Bio-mechanics and physiology expert

Since arriving in the UK from his native Australia, Craig has been working with the Warren Smith Ski Academy on a consultancy basis, helping the academy clients unlock blocked ranges of movement that biomechanically restrict developments taking place in their skiing technique.

Most skiers hit a plateau in their skiing ability because of anatomical joint restriction, muscle weakness or poor neurological input. In other words stiffness in the spine or the lower extremity joints creates functional nerve and muscle problems and can result in a physical inability to steer the legs without using the hips, laterally control the leg stance and achieve a natural weight distribution on both skis.

Warren and his Academy team also use Craig’s skills to help optimise their performance when pushing their skiing to the limit. High performance skiing puts a great demand on the body that can result in the creation of a mis-alignment in the spine or pelvis or both. This may result in decreased power in one side of the body that will effect performance and make the skier vulnerable to injury.

During a winter season Craig continually monitors the team’s physical strength and condition through chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological testing and correcting problems using specific chiropractic adjustments.

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