Athena network group

Connecting with your neighbours and gaining a sense of community is an important part of enjoying life – whether in business or in your personal life. That was definitely my aim when I joined The Athena Network two years ago – a professional networking group for businesswomen in south west London.

The Athena network focuses on giving women the opportunity to make strategic connections with other professionals, so that they can provide services and support to each other. Rather than just concentrating on referrals for business (although it certainly does that!), the Athena Network provides support in developing business skills, and the members actively inspire and support each other.

I have had many business referrals from attending the Athena Network, but it is the women that I have met, and the relationships that I have developed that have made it so worthwhile. Putting a face, and a story to another local business, learning what makes them unique and getting involved with those people have made me feel a part of the local community that I work and live in. The rewards to myself have also been great!

I have met other health professionals that I know I can confidently refer my clients to, gained training in areas that had always been my weaker points, transformed the way I exercise and give nutrition to my body, and gained invaluable support and advice in everything from accounting, to goal setting, to social media. This has greatly enhanced both my personal wellbeing, and my satisfaction working in south west London.

How well do you know your neighbours and your community?

More information about Athena in Putney can be found on their website.