Art, Science, Philosophy

Chiropractic is often referred to as having these 3 pillars to its foundation.

Today I was casting my mind back to when I first started my journey towards chiropractic in my first weeks at university. The academic challenge of understanding the science and the philosophy were relatively easy for me. I was used to learning in that way, and relished studying information then being able to understand it, and be tested on the information.

However when it came to the “art’ of chiropractic, that was a different matter all together. I couldn’t feel the difference between skin and bone! I was out of my comfort zone, because all my life study involved pen and paper, not touch, feel and intuition.

When people nowadays tell me things such as “How did you know that would be sore?” or “You always seem to find the exact spot” it is a great reminder of how far that part of my learning has developed.

I really enjoy being able to have a “hands on” impact on so many peoples lives. It is especially reassuring to know that those hands of mine have developed sensitivity beyond what I once thought was possible.