Anna’s Story – healthy pregnancy

Anna Morgan
“I began receiving regular chiropractic care five and a half years ago when I began working at Putney Chiropractic. I have previously had neck issues, but these had been resolved and I was seen regularly by the chiropractors for physical health and wellbeing.

“In the three months before conceiving my child, I was exercising regularly, eating well, and getting adjusted regularly as I wanted to be in great shape for my wedding day. I fell pregnant about two months later, and have continued to see Edwina every week during my pregnancy- I did this because after years of working at Putney Chiropractic Centre I saw the benefits of regular chiropractic care every day. I know it helps the body to change, and wanted to be as healthy and comfortable as possible.

“As a result, I have had no problems and no pain during my pregnancy and feel great. I can move and sleep easily, and have maintained a healthy weight. I put this down to good health and exercise before conceiving, and receiving from the beginning to the end of my pregnancy.”