Chiropractor X Rays

Putney Chiropractic is in the fortunate position to have the latest in X-ray technology, maximising the quality of the X-ray image and minimising the risk and exposure to the client.


This equipment is usually reserved for the private hospitals of Harley street, however we can bring you this technology locally and at a fraction of the cost you would expect from Harley street.

Private Radiology Services

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What is digital X-Ray?


Digital X-ray is technology that allows X-ray images to be instantly recorded onto a computer screen making film developing obsolete. The image detail is crystal clear and the exposure times are reduced massively

Accidents and Emergencies!


If the thought of spending up to 5 hours at the local hospital A&E after that fall or sporting injury seems like a waste of your precious time, call us and we can slot you into the next available X-ray appointment*. If you suspect a fracture or broken bone anywhere in the body we can confirm or deny on X-ray immediately.


*To use this facility you’ll need a referral from another chiropractor, GP or qualified health professional. If you don’t have a referral you can simply make an appointment for a consultation and one of our qualified chiropractors can provide this service. Total cost is £125 including x-ray and consultation.

What are the costs?


For an X-ray the cost is £75. If you are referred by your GP you may be able to claim this amount back on your private health insurance

When are X-Ray appointments?


We can usually find a spot for you within 24 hours of your call, and while we are most flexible between 9am and 5pm there are times before and after work available.


Here at Putney we are happy to go through all of these issues with you in order to enable you to be truly healthy. Our aim is to make sure your body is working at its best so that you can feel at your best.

Who would not be X-Rayed?


Babies, children and pregnant women are strongly advised to avoid X-Ray where possible.

What are the risks?


The state-of-the-art facility at Putney Chiropractic ensures minimum exposure and can be compared to a long haul flight for the amount of radiation received

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