Our Facilities

At Putney Chiropractic we have top quality facilities so that you receive the highest possible level of care. As well as a highly qualified, experienced and extremely friendly team of chiropractors, we also boast x-ray facilities and have access to MRI scans. On top of this, we also hold regular workshops in our reception space which works as the perfect location for educational lectures.

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Putney Chiropractic is in the fortunate position to have the latest in X-ray technology, maximising the quality of the X-ray image and minimising the risk and exposure to the client.
This equipment is usually reserved for the private hospitals of Harley street, however we can bring you this technology locally and at a fraction of the cost you would expect from Harley street.



While digital X-Ray is a fantastic diagnostic tool, sometimes there is a need to look more closely at the situation. An MRI is an incredible way of looking inside the body and providing answers with no risk to the individual.


We have two great options for MRI studies at Putney Chiropractic. While we do not have an MRI on site we do have close relations with two nearby facilities:
The King Edward 7th Hospital (near Harley Street) and Vista Diagnostics (by Waterloo Station) both in London. Our referral preference is to King Edward 7th as our consultant radiologist is on staff there and can provide a seamless service. Unfortunately this service is for self paying clients only, if you intend on using your private health cover you’ll have to involve your GP and possibly a consultant before your insurance will cover an MRI.

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