A ray of sunshine

The alarm goes off in the morning – we wake up, rug up, rush to the train, head inside where it’s warm. Later we leave, drive to the gym, and then home to bed……. What’s missing from this picture?


Vitamin D has been receiving some press recently, notably, in New Scientist magazine and the newspapers. They are reiterating the importance of vitamin D to our bodies, as there is a resurgence of rickets and osteomalacia in the population. Ok – so most of us don’t have rickets, but are we getting enough vitamin D to be healthy? When it is cold outside and we are rugged up from head to toe to keep warm, we aren’t getting a lot of unfiltered sunlight on bare skin. We might be feeling tired and sluggish, irritable, our immune system not what it should be, sore neck or back, and brittle nails…sound familiar?

If we don’t have the right building blocks for health (that’s the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat !) then we may be doing our exercises, seeing our chiropractor and avoiding sugary foods, but still not feeling our best. Vitamin D is found in essential fatty acids, so a good omega-3 supplement (I like Eskimo-3 fish oils) can work wonders. Naturally, omega-3 can be found in fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel, so eating these two to three times a week can help also.

However, nothing beats sunshine for naturally producing the optimal levels of vitamin D in our bodies! So ditch the gym, and get outside and start exercising – even in winter this will help to increase your vitamin D levels. It can also be a great break from the cycle of being at work on your PC, to going to the gym and watching the news whilst running on the treadmill, and then home to watch tv.

I love exercising on the Putney Embankment, it is a great way to clear the head as well as getting the sunshine that I need.

Stay healthy, people!