Better Wellbeing

5 easy ways to improve wellbeing

We always strive to improve our wellbeing and our clients often report an improved sense of wellbeing while under our care. But what is better wellbeing and how can we go about achieving it?

An improvement in wellbeing will often see people experiencing more energy, less fatigue, improved immune system response, better sleep, improved digestion and other signs of overall improved body function.

Our body and mind’s wellbeing revolves around physical, chemical and emotional health. The more healthy these three elements are, the better our overall wellbeing is. Improving our wellbeing means reducing the physical, chemical and emotional stress we experience. In order to reduce stress, and therefore improve health, we first have to identify what the stress factors are and then identify ways of mitigating them.

The quest and journey for better wellbeing isn’t one that has a set destination as it will always require constant work to maintain balance and harmony. Each individual is different and there are many different ways that wellbeing can be improved.

Here are five easy ways to improve wellbeing:

1. Exercise more

Regular exercise helps improve physical, chemical and emotional health. Exercise is something our bodies crave and frequently don’t get enough of. It’s a great way to let off steam and reduce stress as well as helping our body release endorphins which make us feel good. Regular exercise isn’t about getting sweaty in a gym, it can be anything from a lunchtime walk to cycling to work. Exercising more is the best place to start to improve wellbeing.

2. Eat the rainbow

No, we don’t mean eat lots of Skittles! Eating a varied diet, full of natural, colourful ingredients will do wonders for your body and your wellbeing. Food is our fuel and like any machine, the better the fuel that goes in, the better that machine performs. Make sure your diet includes a medley of fresh veg as this will turbo-charge your nutrition, give your immune system a boost and improve your energy levels.

3. Avoid a high sugar intake

The combination of high sugar levels and low exercise levels are what’s causing a national obesity crisis, especially in children. Unless you’re an endurance athlete on a low-carb high-fat diet, you’re likely to consume a certain amount of sugar in your diet. However, too much sugar can be a serious impediment to having improved wellbeing. Sugar consumption spikes dopamine levels in our brains and makes us feel good – that’s why we always want to consume more of it. While doing this, it also causes our energy to spike but then crash dramatically once our body has burnt through the sugar high. Some of the worst culprits are fruit juices, smoothies and yogurts. We typically associate these as being ‘healthy’ but more often than not they are full of sugar. Try to reduce the amount of sugar you consume and you’ll soon notice a difference to your overall wellbeing.

4. Improve your self-discipline

Better self-discipline will help you find better balance within yourself. Self-discipline isn’t about beating yourself up or berating yourself for doing something wrong. It’s about improving your inner strength and self-control. Regular meditation is a great way of achieving this and developing your mental strength. People with good self-discipline often are more productive, have better energy levels and have high level of happiness.

5. Listen to your body

Your body is an amazing thing. If something is wrong it will tell you. The trick is to learn how to listen to it and identify when it’s telling you something isn’t right. Awareness of our bodies helps us improve our overall self-awareness as well as our situational awareness. There are different ways your body will talk to, for example if your resting heart rate rises unexpectedly then you’re likely trying to fight off a fever, if your sleep is constantly disrupted then there will be an area of your routine (or lack of routine!) that your body is fighting against, and if you suffer constant pain in certain areas then your body might need readjusting to combat it.

A strong mind and body aren’t things that come easy. Practicing the elements that make a strong mind and body are key to improving wellbeing. Good, regular training of the mind and body will help improve your inner-strength and lead to better wellbeing.

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