The 2014 London Ski and Snowboard Show

The PCC team were in attendance at the London Ski Show last week and we did our bit to help skiers and snowboarders from all over the UK get fit and ready to perform at their best for the approaching season.
Highlights included
  • Dr Craig at 11am on Sunday morning speaking at the Mountain Talks Theatre about his personal ski injury, ski fitness and why a chiropractor and boot fitter and a ski coach are essential members of the ultimate ski preparation team.
  • BBC Ski Sunday and and Channel 4’s the jump presenter Graham Bell popping by for a tune up.
  • Warren Smith and his ski academy team popping by for pre season check ups and adjustments.
  • Putney Chiropractic sponsored Bucking Bronco (great for business).
  • Toffee Vodka!
See you next year….