10 benefits of taking your children to see a chiropractor

Your child’s health is their greatest asset and a regular visit to the chiropractor can help your child stay healthy, happy and full of energy.

Children are constantly using their bodies in many physically challenging ways – with constant bumps and knocks – if they seem out of sorts it could be because the information highway is compromised due to a subluxation of the spine compromising the nerve communication from the spine.

The nervous system controls the way our body communicates and if the spine is negatively impacting the communication of the nervous system then our body is unable to regulate and coordinate itself correctly.

For babies this ineffective communication may play out as colic or irritability, an inability to suckle and breastfeed or poor sleep habits. For a child poor nerve communication may result in developmental delays, an inability to concentrate, behavioural problems, digestive issues, asthma, headaches – the list is endless.

That’s why keeping a healthy and functional nervous system is an extremely effective way to aid your child’s development.

Here are 10 more benefits of taking your child to see the chiropractor:

  1. To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development).
  2. To support “first-class” nerve communication throughout the body to promoting health and wellbeing.
  3. To help strengthen their child’s immunity – encouraging fewer colds, ear-aches and general illness.
  4. To help resolve breastfeeding issues and colic.
  5. To reduce the detrimental impact our modern world has on our children’s health.
  6. Encourages children to thrive by supporting digestive strength.
  7. To diminish nerve interference which may impact their child’s capacity to learn and concentrate.
  8. To promote body balance – helping to resolve poor posture, asthma, allergies and bed-wetting..
  9. To help kids stay fun and light hearted.
  10. To help kids stay in tip-top shape.

You can find more information about how this works over at WellAdjusted.

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