Chiropractic focuses on spinal misalignment (subluxations) that can cause disruptions in the normal workings of the central nervous system. Your central nervous system encompasses your brain and spinal cord and is therefore the “central computer” of your body, where even the slightest change or block can have a huge effect on the efficiency of your body as a machine.

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This can often manifest itself as physical discomfort such as back pain, stiff joints, muscle pain and headaches. It can also appear in surprising ways that many people would never think to associate with spinal misalignments. Our clients at Putney Chiropractic often report an improved sense of wellbeing while under our care – commonly experiencing more energy, less fatigue, improved immune system response, better sleep, improved digestion and other signs of overall improved body function. This is partly due to an improved nervous system function but also down to taking a more active role in taking responsibility for their physical, chemical and emotional health.


So if there is something disrupting your everyday life and sense of wellbeing, don’t just put up with it, come and see how we can help.

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